Pictures currently unavailable

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Pictures currently unavailable

Post by Freeheeler »

Why are there so many threads with pictures that are „currently unavailable“ ? Is it a device problem or a forum problem?
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Re: Pictures currently unavailable

Post by chrismp »

Those are probably pictures in older posts when the forum didn't offer image hosting. Users had to use their own image hosting services and the reason you're seeing these messages is probably because either the images were taken down or the image hosting service is having troubles.

PS: I moved this thread to a more appropriate section of the forum.
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Re: Pictures currently unavailable

Post by sammer »

I see some of my pics are still up.
I get emails everyday from photophucket saying my account has been disabled and to give them money if I want to keep them.
Sorry if they go away but can't justify giving them money.

You don't even have a legit signature, nothing to reveal who you are and what you do...

Best of luck to you. (uneva)
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