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Fresh Meat

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 9:13 pm
by CharlieBuckets
Hello Everyone. I just joined. I would first like to thank everyone for all the insight. I recently decided to start building a press and plan on mimicking the monkey press due to its simplicity and wonderful description down to nuts and bolts. I've been on the same burton board for the last 20 years all the while working in a cabinet shop so this move is long overdue. Funny how I wait til I'm no longer employed there. I plan on picking up steel on 12/21/20. (No socks and underwear for me this year) I live in Pittsburgh PA and have been softly hunting local vendors for materials and knowledge so if anyone is looking to dump any materials feel free to let me know. One question that is currently on my mind is if anyone has any experience with vinyl on cores with a thin glass top sheet, one drw back I can think of is lack of bond where the "sticker" would be. Again, thank you all.