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Intermediate women's powder ski

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:24 am
by gav wa
Hey there you awesome two plankers I need some wisdom.
My missus has finally found the love for off piste and backcountry so I want to build her first pair of freeride type skis to encourage it even more.
She is a mid level skier but better than she thinks she is, but I'm a boarder not skier so I'm not sure my ideas will translate.
She currently skis a 152 elan ski that she loves. They only have a 73 waist width though.
I'm thinking of just expanding on the Elan diamentions for a slightly bigger ski.
So I'm looking at 160cm with 127, 84, 112 widths.with probably a 14-16 meter radius sidecut.
I have a snowboard mold that I think will work but it has quite a bit of tip rocker and the running length (camber length) will only be about 1100mm. Is this going to be a problem?
How much rocker do powder skis usually have?
Why are ski cores so thick too? I've flexed boards cut in half and they don't get super soft. With 600gsm triax each side how thick would you guy think for a soft-mid flex ski?

Thanks for any tips you guys can offer