Rules for inserting photos

Yes, we have rules. To ensure that this forum is clean and informative, kindly obey them, please.

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Rules for inserting photos

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Currently, we do not provide the ability for you to upload your photo to for posts. As a result, your photo must reside on a web server (of your choice). Here is a simple example for posting a photo that resides on a web server:

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Look at my cool photo: [img] [/img]
The rules for inserting photos in a post are:
1) Please try to limit THREE photos per post (To allow faster downloading of posts)
2) Please limit maximum width of each photo to 700 pixels
3) You must have permission to use the photo

For more information about BBcode and special tags for formating text in posts, click here.

Note About Copyright
You must have permission to post someone else's photo(s) on If you created the photo, then you own the copyright and you are free to use the photo on However, if someone else created the photo, then you must obtain permission to use the photo.

Hot Linking
Hot linking is when a photo file located on someone else's web server is displayed in another web page. Please do not "hot link" photos from someone else's web server on, unless the web server is yours or a photo depository.

Failure to comply to these rules may cause your post to be deleted by the administrators of without warning. Additionally, forum membership may be terminated if continuous abuse of the rules take place.

Thank you for your cooperation. - the administrators