Wide Sheets of Base Material - Canada

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Wide Sheets of Base Material - Canada

Post by blackspruce »

Does anyone know for Canadian suppliers of base material? Looking to find something about 34cm wide for some powder surfers I am building. They are about 34cm at the nose and I would like to be able to have edge to edge coverage. Or, does anyone know if it would be ok to just cut out a couple of scraps of PTEX and epoxy those in the places they are needed on each side of the nose? Would that cause moisture to seep in? Not sure if it's a good idea or a bad idea, but I figure someone here knows.

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Re: Wide Sheets of Base Material - Canada

Post by chrismp »

www.junksupply.com has wider base material on offer and ships worldwide afaik.

Otherwise I guess it would work to just butt up a couple pieces of base material to get a wider base. A die cut base graphic works the same way. You could do some racing stripe types of patterns for example.
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