Waxless base/“embedded” skins

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Waxless base/“embedded” skins

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Hey skibuilders forum! It’s a been a minute, but I’m trying to get back into it.

I’ve contemplated making some skis with a waxless base for some time. But I don’t know anywhere to purchase that material. Searching these forums, it doesn’t sound like anyone else does either. I tried emailing Voile since the manufacture in the US and would have raw material in the country, but unsurprisingly wouldn’t sell me any. (To their credit, I did still get a swift reply.)

I’ve seen stuff on people making a negative pattern by milling scallops into the base, but it doesn’t seem like this works well enough to make it worthwhile.

The other thought I had was to do something that Ive seen more recently on waxless XC skis where there’s a skin embedded into the base. Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts on how deep to make it? Measuring the thickness of a skin isn’t very precise since they’re squishy. Any thoughts on how/if to permanently glue them in? Obviously how wide/how long to balance grip va glide is another consideration and may take considerable trial and error.
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Re: Waxless base/“embedded” skins

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How is your project progressing, have there been any developments ?
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