Sidecut jig

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Sidecut jig

Post by Freeheeler »

Im new here and just soaking up all the amazing info here.
I came across this video from community skis. They have an adjustable sidecut jig.
I dont understand how they make sure its setup symmetrically. Can someone explain this to me?

This video, 2:20 he is setting it up.
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Re: Sidecut jig

Post by justplanesteve »

I like the way you think. :)

It is astonishing how much direct information (Michael Lish?) is willing to simply put out there on the web for anyone with enough practice and some machine tools, to read between the lines. Relatively close ups of the jigs/fixtures and all. But as a machinist and professional woodworker who has done all the things seen in the video, just not on skis yet ;) i also noticed that he is not spoon feeding it, and leaves details out (rightly so IMO) that will "gotcha" for people who think they can just copy the obvious moves. There's some subtleties going on.

The blocks he is using with lengths marked on them also have a witness mark, sometimes 2 marks, to orient them to the beam. So the distance at least has been registered, absent stack tolerance and vagaries of look-see placement.

A better practice, but no idea if he actually does the following or if the operators are currently so familiar with the fixture that it would be unnecessary: a simple method would be to use a single thickness block on both sides of the center beam when setting the flex plates. (hard stop).

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