Waxless/traction base material

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Waxless/traction base material

Post by BobbyTooSlow »

Does anyone know of a source for waxless style, traction pattern base material?

There were some old threads about it from ~10 years ago, but perhaps a supplier has emerged since then.

I know that people have experimented with cutting their own patterns into existing skis, or using CNC routers to cut a pattern into a fresh sheet of regular base material, but I'd have to think that something engineered and tested (like Voile uses) would perform a lot better.

There are some boutique ski makers, like Harvest and others, who offer a fat traction base ski or two. I would guess these companies are too small to engineer and produce their own patterned bases, so they source it from somewhere (though I could be wrong).
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Re: Waxless/traction base material

Post by skidesmond »

I had someone contact me last year for a pair of skis with the fish scale p-tex bases. I searched around for pre-cut pattern ptex but came up empty. I was tempted to try it but in the end decided not too and I had to turn the guy down. Good luck.
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Re: Waxless/traction base material

Post by vinman »

This material is only produced by one manufacturer. The minimum order quantities are huge for small players.
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