Snowboard Top-Sheet Bubble Repair, Custom Paint & Re-Seal Advice

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Snowboard Top-Sheet Bubble Repair, Custom Paint & Re-Seal Advice

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Hello Everyone! First post here and apologies if there are instructions elsewhere on the site for this.

1. Looking for advice on the best way to get rid of these couple bubbles I found on my snowboard top sheet, and repairing them properly. Was going to sand them down till the material there is gone and the surrounding is smooth, Will that cause any issues? Not sure what to repair the problem spots with though.

: Bubbles are to the right of his hat.

2. Was going to do a custom design, rough up the top sheet slightly so the primer sticks, use automotive paint as that seems durable.
Should I use a different type of paint or primer? any advice on the topsheet sanding and sealing the binding screw holes?

3. How should I seal this bad boy. should I put a thin layer of epoxy? I've seen folks use multiple layers of Automotive clearcoat?
any advice on this is appreciated, I'm clueless here..

Thanks all and I greatly appreciate any advice y'all take the time to give
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