For discussions related to the type of materials to build skis/snowboards and where to get them.

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Post by Smedge »

After watching every third Thursday on YouTube and getting creative with my first set of skis.

I'm wondering what alternatives are there out there, i.e. the Every Third Thursday episode, where they built a snowboard for under $100, using fence posts poly wall and a 2 part resin.

I have a load of old laminate flooring 2 mil thick and waterproof in my garage, it would create a lovely top sheet if it bonds.

Anyone else tried anything else or got links to New materials?

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Re: Alternatives

Post by snowbo »

not tried yet.
But in my job as architect i'm always afraid to see the amount of wasted materials on construction site. So i would totally agree to watch out for alternative materials / reuse / Recycle for the builds.

Maybe flooring materials could be interesting. f.e.:
  • linoleum could be a nice topsheet
    or wood laminate as a core
We could try to find a concept with the forum community for a pair of ski / board built out of recycled materials or waste?!?

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