For discussions related to the type of materials to build skis/snowboards and where to get them.

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Post by 541skis »

I have been building skis for a few years now and have wanted to experiment with bamboo but am unable to find anywhere who sells any raw materials. Please advise. Thanks

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Re: Bamboo

Post by chrismp »

If you let us know where you are located, someone might be able to help with suppliers in your area.

Alternatively, you can always order a full container from china ;)

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Re: Bamboo

Post by Dr. Delam »

Yep, it's hard to find reasonably priced in the form that you want it. It all seems to come from China and it's the shipping that gets you. I suggest hitting up any smaller companies that you know that use it and you could possibly piggyback on their order.

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Re: Bamboo

Post by SHIF »

I have used vertical laminated bamboo flooring as a ski core material for several years. I use 75 inch long x 3.75 inch wide planks (sometimes wider). I remove the tongue and groove features and glue on some poplar to make them wider as needed.
Google "vertical bamboo flooring" and see lots of sources. Be careful, most sell boards that are too short.
A couple of my past suppliers no longer offer this stuff but here is a good current source:

These are extra wide: ... d/natural/

I typically purchase a box of 10 boards for about $150 delivered.

Good luck...

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Re: Bamboo

Post by mikic1 »

i do have some on stock on junksupply. bamboo is very heavy, plus dimensions are long, so shipping to another continent would be too much.

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