Snow Surf - Ptex to full wood core

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Snow Surf - Ptex to full wood core

Post by pkaczmar »

Hey Membrs!
New to the group and idea of building your own ride.
I'm interested in making a snowsurf with some wicked 3D designs and boat hull shapes kind of like the new Jones jones board and/or jones snosurf.
I was thinking of making the entire thing out of wood, I've bent wood on a number of occasions and figure I can make the mold accordingly, soften the wood and get the shape I'm after. Therefore no need for composites, fiberglass, edges etc... This board is only used in good conditions and doesn't need any flex therefore a much more simplified version of what the group here has managed to achieve.

My question stems from putting down the ptex to get a solid fast glide on snow. What's the process to attach ptex to a wood base without any of the other core components? Is it as simple as adding the ptex to the mold and epoxying everything together? Apologies about the noob question but can't seem to find anything on simply ptex attachment.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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Re: Snow Surf - Ptex to full wood core

Post by chrismp »

I would bend the wood first and add the base in a second step with a vacuum press as this gets you uniform pressure all over the area of the board, which not easy to achieve without a pneumatic or vacuum press. You don't necessarily need a proper vacuum pump for this (although it draws a higher vacuum). You can use something like the roarockit skateboard vacuum system, which is basically one of those storage vacuum bags with a hand pump.

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Re: Snow Surf - Ptex to full wood core

Post by 24Dave »

hmmm, If you are making a mold to shape a wet piece of wood with convcave areas, my thoughts are that you might also want to try laminating some fiberglass between the ptex and a flexible 1/8 veneer sheet of wood or two into that same mold. It might be easier and a better bond between your ptex and wood since the fiberglass will hold the resin and maybe forgive a few spots where the vacuum isn't strong enough.

Making a mold is pretty time consuming, vacuuming a few layers of thin wood with fiberglass in a vacuum bag is pretty easy. A good pump does cost a few hundred if you aren't savvy in getting old pumps.

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Re: Snow Surf - Ptex to full wood core

Post by Nokes307 »

Hey there,

I’m wondering if you tried doing this and if it worked ? I’ve been searching this site and the forums looking for this same question you asked. I’m trying to do a powsurfer with just plywood and a ptex base to it.

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