Hertel Hot Waxer Replacement Roller

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Hertel Hot Waxer Replacement Roller

Post by Dr. Delam » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:10 pm

I've got an old school Hertel Waxer and the silicone roller sleeve was needing replacement. They haven't made these in years so I thought I was out of luck.

I found a silicone rolling pin at WalMart for $5 that just happened to have the right diameter. I swapped it out and it fit perfectly. If your whole roller needs replacement you can also take the end cap of the rolling pin off and cut the roller down to fit. This might also be easier at it is a little tricky sliding the sleeve off and on.

These waxers are great for putting down the perfect amount of wax without waste and drips down the sidewall. They make waxing a large fleet a little easier and if you buy a bulk box of wax from SVST it's like a quarter a wax job. You can find the waxers on ebay for about $30 from time to time, a heck of a lot cheaper then the $600 Kwik ones.


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