Poor man vacuum bag?

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Poor man vacuum bag?

Post by hegan »

I already use cardboard for the breather, what other options for the bag it self that is cheap? I have been using james town distributors for everything but I want to try something new and less money. Any help will be great.

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Post by ProbsMagobs »

ive heard of people using modeling clay for the edges of the vacuum film rather than vacuum seal tape. you also might be able to reuse vacuum film if you apply some sort of mold release wax to it and are careful about peeling it off the mold

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Post by sammer »

I've used 6mil poly quite a few times.
Still use some thinner plastic sheeting when I'm not using the vacuum table.
Mastic tape you can sometimes get from glass shops for cheap.
I've been buying this...
http://www.fibreglast.com/product/yello ... _Ply_Tapes
About once a month or so they offer 10% off any order.
It's not cheap but will seal every time.

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Post by graham p »

when building my board, cheap was the word. I didn, want to spend too much on items that would not end up in the finished product. I vac bagged using 6mil poly vapour barrier from the hardware store sealed on the edges with rope caulk also from the hardware store. I used aspenite for the top surface of the table backed up by OSB shimmed to create the camber in the middle. The asponite was sealed with varnish and coated with furniture wax for release. I used a repurposed fridge pump to pull the vac and achieved approx 13psi in the bag. I used untreated nylon taffita from the fabric store as a "peel ply" and some scrap cotton fabric for the breather. After peeling off the nylon, I coated the board top sheet which is just "Craft Cotton" again from the fabric store with marine varnish. It worked out great, I have an alpine board that I have put about a dozon days on so far with no issues.

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Post by feldybikes »

I've used the yellow tape and the gray tape and actually have an easier time using this black tape, which is about 1/2 as much (well ~same price, but the rolls are twice as long)


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