Video search: Ski construction/technology

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Video search: Ski construction/technology

Post by ArchivalResearcher »

Hello ski builders,

I'm not a ski builder myself but a freelance archival researcher whose on the hunt for footage that demonstrates ski construction and technology for use in a documentary. Originally I was trying to find footage from the 1950s-80s but it's such a hard time that we have expanded the search to include contemporary footage. I'm wondering if there is anyone here on this forum is interested in giving permission to use their footage. I've heard from the Canadian Film Board and Rossignol, K2 as well as some smaller archives in VT, CO, and CT with no luck thus far. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Re: Video search: Ski construction/technology

Post by sammer »

30 second google search found this?
Shouldn't be hard to find contact info.


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