Scrap Ski Base Material

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Dr. Delam
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Scrap Ski Base Material

Post by Dr. Delam »

I used some scrap base material to shim a toilet today. I've also cut some out with a hole saw to make a low friction inner wear surface for my mountain bike chain guide. Anybody else come up with some creative uses for scrap material?

Maybe after I finish my bathroom remodel I will actually be able to make some skis and get back on track and post some stuff.

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Re: Scrap Ski Base Material

Post by chrismp »

We use larger scraps as squeegees to spread epoxy during layups.

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Re: Scrap Ski Base Material

Post by vinman »

I don't have a great use for scrap base, I'm actually looking for a way to recycle it. My normal recycling center won't take it because its in strips which jams their machines.

I'd like to shred it somehow.....I need an industrial paper shredder....
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Re: Scrap Ski Base Material

Post by mammuth »

I use the cutout base materials to whip whoever comes in my way :D

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Re: Scrap Ski Base Material

Post by MontuckyMadman »

I ripped cnc cut leftovers on the table saw into long strips taped um next to one another and made a set of skis from them. Kinda labor intensive. Worked fine.
I have a big stack.
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