So, did they work, and how were they? Show everyone proof that your ride was a success (or even a complete failure)!

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Well, that’s my skiing over for the winter. Managed 14 days on the snow in every condition imaginable and tested out 3 skis. ... 1.jpg.html
What I Ride (WIR) – see “Summer Harvest” post for the dims and construction - black tips
Modified WIR – same profile as the WIR and the same underfoot but slightly pulled in nose and tail- cherry veneer
Length 180cm
Biax FG 440g
UD CF 100g
Core – ash and poplar 2-12-2
UD CF 100
Biax FG 440g
Cherry Veneer top sheet
The “Lancasters” (think WW II bomber) – interesting layup and construction – can’t think where I got the idea! Black carbon
143 -112 -132
Length 184
Biax FG 440g
UD CF 200g
1.5mm birch ply
10mm Core – Ash and poplar 2-10-2
Triax CF 300g
I made them on the same mould as the WIRs which is for a 180 ski, so just accommodated the extra 4cm, therefore the tips and tails are slightly higher. The mould has about 10mm of camber and an early rise tip (35cm) and tail (20cm)
The WIRs were used in Tignes over New Year. The snow was quite frankly a bit shite – hard pack, ice, big moguls and where we did trek to further afield the soft snow that was there had been well skied.
We did some well-known routes – Chardonnet, the back of the Sache bowl and the Toviere fingers in less than ideal conditions. I am delighted to say they performed with aplomb in all conditions – they are not the best on piste, they are not the best in moguls, they are not the best on ice, they are not the best in chop, they are not the best in soft conditions…………but they did pretty bloody well as a one ski quiver daily driver. My son skied a pair also and announced himself completely chuffed – score one to dad! Our guide had a few laps on them and announced them “superbe”. High praise indeed from an ESF Frenchie in the Alps. I tested them up to 100kph until my bottle gave out. The tips stayed stable and they were a joy to ski. Overall I give them and 8/10
The modified WIRs were also a joy from start to finish – I skied them in the Morzine area last week in wonderful soft and plentiful snow.Conditions were like this: ... 1.jpg.html
They are basically a less butch version of the WIRs. The nose and tail are a little softer, initiation is easier and they don’t wrangle you quite so much if you get into the back seat. I only skied them for 2 days and friend skied them for the rest of the week. He liked them so much he has ordered a pair. He skies in a very relaxed, feet together style and they suited him very well. He tackled all sorts of runs on and off piste in snow depths from a few inches to well over knee height, they perform well at slow speed and also high, but suffer from a little chatter if gunning it (I found it easier not to look at the tips). Again an 8/10
For both these skis think – World Rally Championship cars
The Lancasters were a complete revelation! Okay, firstly the not so good – at low speeds (we were a mixed bunch of skiers so on occasion duty required us all to ski together) they were hooky and vague. Bimbling down blue or red runs was really not there thing especially if the snow was anything like hard. Equally, hard, worn bumps were a bit of a pain and required lots of work – they didn’t really want to change direction and I could feel them looking questioningly at me! However, find some steep stuff, get up some speed and boom! I haven’t yet skied anything like them to make you throw yourself down any drop. Deep chop and crud, pah! Trees, pah! Open powder fields, pah! They were marvellous and encouraged me to risk myself far more than I usually would. They were remarkably nimble (the deeper the snow the better they got) and in areas where I have struggled before they just came to my rescue. I really did feel as if I could ski anything on them (a dangerous illusion!) and they were just such fun. I am still in awe of them. They also look magnificent! I am giving them a 9/10.
Think Paris Dakar beast in terms of cars.
No more skiing till next year – aghhh!

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