First pair finally blew up.

So, did they work, and how were they? Show everyone proof that your ride was a success (or even a complete failure)!

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First pair finally blew up.

Post by gketcham »

After 6 days of hard skiing, I found my failing point. I used to sections of sidewall on both sides, so it had white going 1/3 of the ski and green going 2/3.
I went off a cliff and caught a rock and rolled, blowing just the sidewall off the ski, it was waving in the wind behind me as I skied the rest of the mountain. I recommend not doing split sidewalls, unless you have a better joint to connect the two. The skis are still skiing normally though, just screws in the inside wall. Super ghetto however.

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Post by Danielbroski »

Same thing happened to me but I had one continuous sidewall I just sucked putting it on. The screw I put in worked fine but like you said was super sketch.

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Post by amidnightproject »

Sounds like it's more of a bonding issue. I've done a few pair with varying length sidewall segments attached (pairs for myself when material was low or for prototyping). Never had an issue. Did you abrade and flame treat everything?

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