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first day on my first board. success!

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:26 pm
by the.quass
Sooo... Rode my new stick today at falls creek here in AU's. Snow is super wet and sticky. Got a few nice turns in first thing. The rest of the day was spent avoiding the wind, rain and sticky snow. Had a blast.
The board handled really well. Turns really nicely in the heavy powder/fresh snow/ slop and smacks through crud nicely. I am extremely happy and proud of it. God help the first person that asks about it and x2 that for the first person to ding it in the lift line. Hopefully the sun will play tomorrow and I can hit up some groomed. I want to see how well it carves. It edges really nice and transitions beautifully so it should carve a trench OK as well I think. I was worried it wouldn't have much pop out of a hard turn but it seems to load up nicely.

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:30 pm
by the.quass
Err, so my call of success may have been a little premature. Seems I have a slight de-lamination issue. Its between the core and the base with the glass sticking to the base side. Its not deep, less than 2cms and its maybe 4 cms long. I am going to fill with epoxy and clamp it down to the mold until it sets. Going to dry it out and try and clean the area first. Should be OK. Going to attempt to skim coat it at the same time. Will hopefully protect it better than the varnish.
Any hints from the smart folks on here will be received thankfully.