Tested Brazen 90's

So, did they work, and how were they? Show everyone proof that your ride was a success (or even a complete failure)!

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Tested Brazen 90's

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Was able to test some Brazen 90's this week. Used Bomber non-release bindings. Snow I ran on was crud and mash potato's - boards performed very well. Was able to do some fakie riding too - they ride great backwards.

The Brazen 90's are modeled after the old Line 5-0 90 cm boards. Waist cut and overall design is an exact copy of the Line 90 cm boards. Although the Brazen 90's are just a few mm wider with a slight amount more flex. (Flex is just my estimate, ask Brazen for the details. )

Brazen hand makes their boards and use a classic 4 x 4 center mount for bindings. Quality of boards is good, edges are sharp as hell...very impressed with their sharpness. Bases are ground flat and take hot wax well. If you order the boards, don't forget to de-tune the fronts and backs right up to the effective edge so they don't catch.

I ordered 8 pair of 90's in plain color top sheets. I'm retiring my old Line 5-0's and switching over to Brazen 90's for my standard skiboard. (Although I ride Brazen's 56's if the snow is nice groomed stuff.)

Brazen will put custom graphics on the boards if you want. I'm not into graphics, so happy with solid color. They may be making some 98-99cm boards down the road.


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Atta boy Brett!

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Nice work once again!

Slacker, where you located?

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Nice looking graphics

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