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  a. required tools
  b. ski press
      - press frame
      - mold
      - bladder
  c. core profiler
  d. edge bender

a. materials
  b. graphics
  c. ski design
  d. template
  e. base
     edge bending
  f. wood core
     - lamination
     - sidewalls
     - profiling
     - tipspacers
     - inserts
 g. composites
 h. topsheet

 a. preparation
 b. layup



Free Video: Intro to Ski Building (30MB).  Get an overview of the process.


Overview Tip spacers perform the same function as sidewalls - to protect the core from damage caused by moisture and impact.  The tip and tail are more susceptible to damage because core is only 2-3mm thick in these areas.  The use of spacers is optional, but we highly recommend them for durability reasons.

ABS plastic and P-Tex are the most common materials used for tip and tail spacers.   Other choice of materials include fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar and other composites or plastics.

Making ABS Tipspacers

Step 1:  Outline Tipspacer  After the wood core has been profiled and sanded down, take the ski template and trace the outline of the ski's perimeter on the core using one of your templates.   Next, outline the areas that will be tip (and tail) spacers.   The spacer can be any shape and should have the same thickness as your tip and tails (2-3mm).  

Step 2:  Cut Tipspacer  Use a jig saw to cut away the tip spacer areas from the core and cut out the corresponding shapes from the ABS material.  Attach the tip spacers to the tips and tails using small amounts of super glue.  The super glues prevents the spacers from shifting during the layup process.

In the picture above, notice that there is extra tip spacer material.   There should be enough to generously overlap the ski's edges.  The excess material is trimmed during the finishing step. Note that P-Tex or any other type of plastic spacers are made in the same manner as described.

Making Fiberglass Tip Spacers 
Fiberglass (or any other type of composite) tip spacers are attached during the actual ski layup process.  

Step 1:  Cut out Tipspacers  First, cut away the tip spacer area from the profiled core as described for making ABS tipspacers.   Next, cut out several pieces of fiberglass material in the shape of the tip spacer.  There should be a minimum of two layers of fiberglass for one tip spacer. 

Step 2:  Layup Tipspacers  When the core is placed in the mold during layup, place the fiberglass cut-outs at the tips and tail area.   The fiberglass spacers are created after the epoxy cures.

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