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  a. required tools
  b. ski press
      - press frame
      - mold
      - bladder
  c. core profiler
  d. edge bender

a. materials
  b. graphics
  c. ski design
  d. template
  e. base
     edge bending
  f. wood core
     - lamination
     - sidewalls
     - profiling
     - tipspacers
     - inserts
 g. composites
 h. topsheet

 a. preparation
 b. layup



Free Video: Intro to Ski Building (30MB).  Get an overview of the process.

Safety First!

Working with tools of any kind is dangerous and hazardous to your health.  You can seriously and permanently hurt yourself and others around you.  You should seek professional training/advice before using tools of any kind.  Always work in a well lit and ventilated area.  Always were safety goggles and an appropriate mask to minimize the risk of inhaling toxic fumes or debris.  Please read the disclaimer below.


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