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epoxy: Duratec
tipspacer:  white ABS plastic
inserts:  stainless steel M6, 7mm for G3 Targa binding pattern

SKI BUILDER:  Kam S. Leang

The base graphics of the Whites were created by laminating black flannel between the clear base material and the fiberglass composite layer.   The white "K" letters were made cut from thick, white watercolor paper.  The K's were temporarily attached to the black flannel with some superglue prior to layup to keep them from shifting.


DRAWING FILE: download the *.dxf file for the Whites

The Whites turned out much better than I expected considering they were the first pair of skis I ever built.  I didn't bother putting on real ABS or P-TEX sidewalls.  Instead, I left the core exposed resulting in wood sidewalls.  For added protection, I did treat the wood with some sealant to prevent water damage, and I also put a few layers of epoxy just to be sure. 

Right out the press the Whites had some delamination issues.  Not surprising because when I attached the tipspacers to the profiled core I accidentally used badly mised epoxy. The epoxy never reached its full cure which affected the bond strength between other layers.  Particularly, the tips and tails suffered the most delamination.  But I solved the problem with a few rivets, Seth Pistol style.  The rivets aren't pretty, but they worked. 

10.28.04: Mt. High Resort, CA (written by Kam S. Leang) 
The first day ever on a batch of homemade skis.  My first few runs on the Whites sent me facing planting, left and right - hard.  The extreme width combined with the stiff  tails made them feel awkward on the snow.  But after a few runs I eventually got used to the White's ride and it felt surprisingly skiable.   I was surprised that such a fat ski could turn, but the tails are too stiff for my liking.  When I made the cores I had no idea how they should be profiled.  I guessed wrong and it turned out that the 14cm long plateau behind chord center (see the
core profile diagram above) was a bit thick.  Because of this, the ski lacked smooth flex and, like I said, the tails felt awkward and overly stiff.  But for being my first pair of
homemade skis ever I'm really happy they worked to some extent, even if they resemble a pale Seth Pistol.

Below is a photo cousin Big Kam took a few days later back at Mtn. High.  I'm switching bindings as my cousin Pat Leang (Big Kam's little brother) sits on the tailgate and displays The White.


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