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epoxy: Duratec
tipspacer:  white ABS plastic
inserts:  stainless steel M6, 7mm for G3 Targa binding pattern
damping elements:  rubber strips placed above the metal edges

The topsheet graphics of the Shits were done using the flannel method.  In this case a dark
brown flannel was cut to shape and laminated beneath the clear topsheet material during
layup.   The white cutout was made from white watercolor paper.

  Kam S. Leang

  November 15, 2004

DRAWING FILE:  download the *.dxf file for the Shit


The Shits were my aim at making a directional twin-tip ski primarily designed for powder
skiing.  With its minimal sidecut and stiff flex I was trying to produce a Volkl-like ski similar
to the Explosiv.   The construction of the Shits don't stray too far from my first 2 pairs of
skis (the Ahmos and the Whites) except for the clear topsheet and rubber damping strips
along the edges. 

December 03, 2004: Squaw Valley, CA by Kam S. Leang. This was my first day of the
season at Squaw and conditions seemed perfect for the testing of the Shits.   Nice, carveable groomers with some relatively soft off-piste conditions allowed me to ride the
skis in a wide range of conditions except for powder.   On the first run with the skis I
immediately noticed that something was wrong.   They were way too stiff!  The skis don't
want to turn at all and when forced into an arc the Shits produced a weird shuttering effect
as it tried to return to its normal shape.  Perhaps if I was a lot fatter I could ride these things but with my weight I can't manage the skis at all.  After a few turns my legs are complete jelly and I'm in desperate need for an oxygen mask.   I've never ridden such a stiff ski in my life and I doubt if these skis will see more than a few days this season, but they'll make a nice addition to my personal ski museum. 

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