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epoxy: Duratec
tipspacer:  white ABS plastic
inserts:  stainless steel M6, 7mm for G3 Targa binding pattern
damping elements:  rubber strips placed above metal edges

The graphics of the Buttcrackers were made by laminating tan fabric underneath the clear Isosport topsheet layer.  With the Buttcrackers we tried something new and decided to create the Buttcracker lettering by using a computer to print them on normal white paper. 

  Kam S. Leang, Pat Leang

October 30, 2004

DRAWING FILE: download the *.dxf file for the Buttcracker

The Buttcrackers started the chain of creativity in our ski building.  Designed by Pat Leang the skis incorporated a 3-tip design.  For what purpose?  We have no clue.   But having the option to ski "ass backwards" is a pretty unique feature.  This was our first ski to use printed graphics.  Although simple, the Buttcracker lettering came out well and there was no fading or blurring as was expected when wetted out with epoxy.  I think we can use this method in the future to create more detailed graphics as opposed to the simple fabric technique we've been using for the other skis.  But the method still needs to be tested out for larger prints.

December 26, 2004: Snow Summit, CA. 
Family fun day at the local Southern California hill.  All the Leangs got together for a rare occasion and spent a day skiing with the holiday crowds.  This was the first day on the Buttcrackers but it was difficult to actually test the ride of the skis because they weren't waxed.   However, they did seem to ride nicely even though they stuck to the snow like Velcro.  No real problems to report except for some minor chipping in the Isosport topsheet layer.  We've been having some problems with the durability of these topsheets and will probably do away with these particular ones in the future.

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