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weight: n/a
inserts: none
width of wood core strips:  n/a
epoxy:  QCM; resin: EMV-0049; hardener: ECA – 408 (45 minute set); 4 to 1 mixing ratio
bladder pressure
:  40 psi
duration of pressing:  heated press ( see our heated press) -  110-degrees F for 1 hour, then 170-degrees F for 30 minutes followed by room temperature cool underpressure.
weight: n/a

Graphics -

Builder -   Kelvin Wu

Date Manufactured - April 7, 2006

Comments (by Kelvin Wu)

I wanted a ski that was quicker turning and shorter for more maneuverability. These skis are quite a bit shorter and has more sidecut than our other skis.

They ski great. It took a little getting used to their short length, but after the initial run or two, they felt really good. They are much easier to turn in all conditions. The longer, fatter skis that we’ve made sometimes require a lot of muscling to get them to turn, especially in tight trees. Moguls are also way easier with these skis. I haven’t taken them out on real deep days, but think there is enough surface area to keep them afloat.

Kelvin testing the Camaros to see if they can handle water.  Pinacle Glacier, Tatoosh Range, WA.  August 2006.

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