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Kelvin Wu shows off the Bangers


weight: n/a
tipspacer:  wood
inserts: none
width of wood core strips:  n/a
epoxy:  QCM; resin: EMV-0049; hardener: ECA 408 (45 minute set); 4 to 1 mixing ratio
bladder pressure
:  40 psi
duration of pressing:  heated press ( see our heated press) -  170-degrees F for 1.5 hours, then room temperature cool for 8 hours under pressure

Graphics - fabric

Builders -   Kam K. Leang and Kelvin Wu

Date Manufactured - March 15, 2006

Comments (by Big Kam)

Ever had bangers and mash?  Good stuff huh?

These are one of the best skis we've made so far.  They are easy to maneuver and the width makes them float well in powder.  There's not much to say about these skis.  I went on a short road trip to test the Bangers and I'll leave it up to the photos to show you how they skied.

First ski test: China Mountain, NE Nevada, March 17, 2006.  My friend Skip Swenson and I drove from Seattle down to the Ruby Mountains in NV.  Along the way, we stopped to ski a random mountain in NE Nevada just off US93.  The north side of the mountain offered great skiing.  After China Mtn, we stopped in Elko, NV, to inquire about conditions in the Rubies.  Due to an approaching winter storm warning, we decided to drive to Salt Lake City, Utah, to meet up with other friends.  We found great powder in the Wasatch backcountry at the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The Bangers performed great!

Kam K. Leang stands at the top of China Mountain carrying the Bangers.  March 17, 2006.

The first turns on the Bangers. Kam K. Leang drops into the north side of China Mtn.

Kam K. Leang laying down turns on the Bangers.  North side of China Mtn.

NOT made in China, but built by chinese and tested on China Mtn, NV, USA.

Wasatch backcountry:

Kam K. Leang skis Utah powder on the Bangers.  Patsy Marley, Wasatch backcountry, Utah. 
March 18, 2006.


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