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weight: n/a
sidecut: 30 meters
tip and tail spacers:  UHMW
inserts: none
width of wood core strips:  n/a
epoxy:  QCM; resin: EMV-0049; hardener: ECA Ė 408 (45 minute set); 4 to 1 mixing ratio
(top-to-bottom) P-tex topsheet, Makore veneer,  triaxial fiber glass (22 oz.), core (maple, and poplar sidewalls) and UHMW tip and tail spacers, triaxial braided fiberglass (2-layers), clear base material and edges.
bladder pressure
:  45 psi
duration of pressing:  heated press -  110-degrees F for 5 hours, then 170-degrees F for 30 min, and finally cooled in the press under pressure ( see our heated press)
tail-tip type: twin-tip
other: wood veneer topsheet

Graphics - natural wood look

Builders -   Kelvin Wu

Date Manufactured - January 2006

Comments (by Kelvin Wu)

This ski is another Ďproductioní ski and has the same dimensions as the Stiff upper lips, the Daddies little girl, and the Kaffienes. Overall, we like the shape and the way they ski.

I didnít want these skis to have the huge camber like the DLG or the Kaffienes, so I reduced the temperature and let the skis cool in the mold. This seems to work and these skis ended up with about 6-8 mm of camber.

For the graphics, I used a wood veneer but was afraid it was too thin and would get cut up pretty easily, so I put a sheet of clear p-tex topsheet. This was a mistake, since the p-tex is not all that clear and it made the top look muddied and hid the nice grain of the wood.

Trip report (By Kelvin Wu)

Jackson Hole, WY 1/12-1/17 I built these skis for a friend and was able to use them a few times. They performed pretty much like the Stiff Upper Lips.† There was no noticeable tip dive with these. There was a little chatter at higher speeds, but no more than my friendís Work Stinx. The tails also had a slight tendency to hook and that could be because of the lack of tune. I didnít have a chance to give them a proper tune or wax before leaving and I think a 1 degree bevel on the edges would help. I really like these skis, but on our next pair, I would like a hair more sidecut to make them quicker turning and also short for tight trees and backcountry use.

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