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SkiBuilders.com LLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing information related to home-built skis and snowboards.  Please find herein information about the basics of ski/snowboard design and construction methods, as well as a gallery of example projects.  A free forum is available for sharing information with other hobby ski builders.  NOTE: Since the creation of this howto, the skibuilding process has evolved considerably. Please SEARCH the forum for updated information.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit!


Building your own skis (and/or snowboard) is a dangerous activity. You can inflict major injury to your own body, and in some cases, you can even die. Each person who ventures into this activity is responsible for their own safety, that is, it is the personal responsibility of each user of SkiBuilders.com information to decide whether or how to use any information found here. Additionally, by viewing, registering with, posting to, or in any other way using SkiBuilders.com information, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use, so read it carefully here!


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